Just 3 hours can create

3 months of video

In three hours we can film TWELVE videos to boost your marketing.

Let’s face it. Every single digital platform out there loves video. Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, TikTok, and even Google. 

Short form marketing videos with Renegade Reels will boost your online engagement, help people recognize your brand, and even get some SEO benefits. 

We specialize in fast turnaround, high quality video content built for the small business owner on a tight budget.

Build trust and brand recognition through video. Ask us how!

Our process in 3 steps.

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Step 1 Creative 

You don’t have to dream up all of your videos yourself! We take you through a creative huddle that pulls together 12 short video ideas that matches your marketing goals.

Step 2 – Filming

We come to you and film all of the videos in 3 hours or less. We help you feel at ease and capture the best side of you and your company.

Step 3 – Editing

We cut out any mistakes, add color grading, licensed music and graphics and captions. All so that you can represent your brand authentically. All this in only 7 days.

What three months of content Looks like

Check out the series of shorts we did for Table Bar. A Cincinnati based custom table maker. 

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